A big step toward a big vision

I am pleased to announce that I am donating all the sustainability tools that I and colleagues have developed over many years, operating as AtKisson Group, to Compass Education, an international non-profit with a big vision: reaching 1 million teachers. 

Compass Education will also manage all professional and commercial licensing of the Sustainability Compass, the Pyramid workshop, the Amoeba tools for innovation and change, and other elements. 

These tools, grouped into a suite called “Accelerator”, have been used by hundreds of companies, institutions, universities, and schools, in so many countries that I cannot count them all. They are described in several of my books, especially The Sustainability Transformation. And now they have found a great new permanent home — a dynamic and dedicated team of people, building a global movement for sustainability, systems thinking, and leadership in education. 

Compass Education is focused on schools and teachers and impacting the next generation, but these tools remain extremely relevant for this generation — and for use in many other professional settings. Compass Ed (which spun out of my firm ten years ago) will also be providing professional support to organisations, consultants, businesses, and others who currently use the tools or wish to use them. 

This is a big step for me, to give away things that I spent decades creating, developing, and using, in hundreds of different situations. It is also a big step for Compass Education, to take on the responsibility of managing them. But I feel confident that this donation is the best way to ensure that these tools — especially Compass, Pyramid and Amoeba — make the biggest possible impact. 

A deep bow to my friends and colleagues at Compass Education, who have spent a decade using these tools and other methods to build a robust “transformation support system” and a huge network around the world. (I helped found the organisation but have largely been a cheerleader since then.) Thanks for taking on the Accelerator tools. Keep building, keep working toward your vision, and I look forward to continuing our collaborations. 

Read the formal announcement and watch the announcement video in the Compass Education newsletter>