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Alan AtKisson is an author, songwriter, and pioneering innovator and leader in sustainability and sustainable development. Alan has been working professionally in the field since 1988. He edited one of the sustainability movement’s first journals, helped establish the field of sustainability consulting, led several early and prominent organizations and initiatives, developed tools and methods now used around the world, and has received several international awards and honors in connection with his many years of dedicated service to the vision of a sustainable future for people and planet.

Alan is now a government official in Sweden. He serves as Assistant Director-General of Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. He sits on the agency’s senior management team, represents Sida in international fora, and directs the Department of Partnership and Innovation, including Sida’s work in research cooperation, development finance, civil society, capacity development, and private sector collaboration. For more information on his current position, please see his LinkedIn profile.

This is Alan’s personal website, which includes his blog, information about his books and other writing, and a gateway to all his recorded music (albums and singles) as well as related resources. All opinions expressed here (and in Alan’s other public writing) are entirely his own.

Prior to joining Sida in 2018, Alan worked principally as a strategic advisor, consultant, speaker, and trainer in the field of sustainability, sustainable development, innovation and change. He has over 30 years of experience, working in over 50 countries, and has advised numerous governments, leading companies, global NGOs, and the United Nations.

Alan has also co-founded, directed, and/or chaired several organizations and initiatives that were pioneering in their time, helping to establish or spread key ideas and practices now in common use at the local, national, and global level. In the course of his international consulting work, Alan and colleagues invented or developed a number of standardized tools and methods for teaching, training and planning in the field of sustainable development. For more information, see Alan’s detailed professional biography.

For information on the “Sustainability Accelerator” tools, please visit the website of Compass Education, an independent, international non-profit organization that was spun out of Alan’s former consulting firm. Compass Education works directly with teachers and schools but also licenses the tools to firms and other practitioners for professional use.

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Author, musician, public servant, dedicated to advancing sustainable development, based in Stockholm, Sweden