AlanTEDxNov2014Alan has been a keynote speaker for hundreds of conferences and events, around the world. His material is always fresh, and he aims to set a tone that is both inspirational and intellectually engaging.

Alan is also a very experienced facilitator and conference moderator who has organized and/or moderated dozens of conferences, high-level panels, meetings and seminars.

AlanAtKisson_Speaker“Your messaging was perfectly aligned with our conference, and delivered with such energy and voice! You really captured and motivated the audience …” — UN conference organizer

Alan is known for sometimes surprising the audience with an original song that connects to the topic of his speech. (He has had a parallel career as a professional singer and songwriter since 1979.) For a sample of how he makes music work in the context of a speech, check out the end of his TEDx talk on “How to be a more effective agent of change.”

“Enlightenment, education, and entertainment in one seamless package.” – JW, Swedish government official

LaunchingOsloManifesto-1For a recent example of Alan’s speaking style, see his 30-minute closing keynote at the end of Norway’s annual conference on design, “Transform,” in  April 2016.

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Writer, musician, public servant, dedicated to advancing sustainable development, based in Stockholm, Sweden