World premier for “Christmas Night” – A song from the archives

In 1983 I recorded my first demo album, a ten-song cassette of original songs. I was 23, living in New York, just starting out as a singer/songwriter, and I needed this album to start getting gigs. The album, titled “Whitewing” after the title track, was recorded in my friend Darryl Cherney’s bedroom/studio, with his huge white cat often laying beside me as I played and sang into Darryl’s 4-track.

This song, “Christmas Night”, has never been recorded since then, and it was never released on any “official” album of mine. (All my albums are on the independent Rain City Records label.) Buy hey, it is Christmas Eve, and this song is a love story that goes from mad to sad to glad. It has a happy ending. Nice to have happy endings in these pandemic times, right?

The recording quality is pretty awful, as this song was rescued from a decaying cassette copy. Plus, on the vocal track, I am doing my best gravelly country-music voice. But maybe this sweet little song, from back when I was learning the craft, will bring you a little smile. Here is the world Internet premier of my 1983 song, “Christmas Night” (lyrics below):

Christmas Night – 1983 Demo (Copyright Alan AtKisson, all rights reserved)


Words and Music © 1983 by Alan AtKisson – from the cassette album Whitewing

The snow fell on the world on a winter’s day

The cold fell on our world and was there to stay

      Well you walked out and left your pain

      And left me feelin’ so insane

      And all your presents bore my name

      But I pretended not to grieve

      Christmas Eve

The dove in wintertime is a hungry bird

And love in wintertime is a lonely word

      Well see me standin’ at your door

      I won’t be knockin’ anymore

      I just wanted to say more

      But I’d said all that I could say

      Christmas Day

Upon the holly tree grows a berry red

It feeds these hungry birds while the world lies dead

      Well you walked back through winter storms

      I find you crying in my arms

      What was cold has turned to warm

      And I knew everything would be alright

      Christmas Night

      And now our hearts begin to pour

      Our love is stronger than before

      And I just want to love you more

      And everything will be alright

      Christmas Night