Sustainability: The Musical

AlanAtKisson_Guitar_Square“Sustainability: The Musical” is Alan’s unique one-man theatrical show, an entertaining, informative, and inspirational experience. The show combines elements of his popular, high-energy keynote speeches on sustainability with story-telling, images, and of course, a lot of songs — funny, instructive, and moving.

Using nothing but a simple stage set — a chair on one side, a guitar on the other — Alan takes the audience on a tour through the biggest global challenges we have ever faced, and are still facing. He finds humor in the most unlikely places (such as the mathematics of exponential growth), and he helps people confront their darkest fears (with songs like the “Dead Planet Blues”) … but he gives people a sense of hope that these challenges can be successfully solved. Because we humans have solved similarly huge problems already.

AlanAtKisson_LiveShow“Sustainability: The Musical” was designed to be very portable. The show can be performed in any theater, auditorium or conference venue, with minimal props. A chair, a table, a projector, and a sound system are all that is required. Launched in 2014, the show has been performed in Sweden, Denmark, Canada and the United States — to very positive reviews.

“Sustainability: The Musical” weaves in stories and songs from 25 years of writing and singing about sustainability themes, including Alan’s recent hits “Set the World Right Again” (selected as a “Climate Song of the Week” by the UN before the Paris summit), and “We Love the SDGs,” a global music video also adopted by the UN to help promote the Sustainable Development Goals.

Don’t miss this unique, musical introduction to what Alan calls “the world’s most important idea.”

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek promotional video trailer for “Sustainability: The Musical”


Author, musician, public servant, dedicated to advancing sustainable development, based in Stockholm, Sweden