Keynote Speaker and Conference Moderator

AlanTEDxNov2014“Inspiring”  “Engaging”  “Charismatic”  “Informed”

Alan AtKisson has been a keynote speaker for many conferences and events, around the world. He helps to set a tone that is both inspirational and intellectually stimulating.

Alan is also known for occasionally, and memorably, integrating  music into his speeches. For a sample, check out the end of his TEDx talk on “How to be a more effective agent of change.”

“Enlightenment, education, and entertainment in one seamless package. Well done!” – JW, Swedish government official

Alan is a highly skilled moderator for high-level panels, meetings, and seminars. He has moderated events with Nobel Prize-winning researchers, top government officials, corporate leaders, and world-renowned experts in their fields.

LaunchingOsloManifesto-1For a recent example of Alan’s speaking style, check out his 30-minute closing keynote at the end of Norway’s major annual conference on design, “Transform,” from April 2016.

To see other examples of Alan’s past talks and moderation, take a browse through  The AtKisson Group YouTube channel.

If you’d like to invite Alan to speak or moderate, please see the Contact page to get in touch with him.AlanAtKisson_Speaker

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