Take a break from Corona and travel back in time

On March 24, 1995, I performed at a small club in New York. On March 24, 2020, at 8 pm Swedish time (or anytime thereafter), you can travel through time to that club, that show. Grab a virtual table and a drink, sit back and enjoy.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a major global crisis, the likes of we have not seen in living memory. Seemed like a good time to offer a little distraction to people who are stuck in quarantine, self-isolating, “sheltering in place”, and generally having a hard time.

So I’m releasing a new video on YouTube. I dug into my archive, found an old tape, got it digitized, edited and sound-enhanced. If it gives even just a handful of people a little pleasure for 40 minutes, well, that’s something.

Here’s the link:

The site is open now, and the video premieres at 8 PM Swedish time (20.00 CET). At that time, I’ll be live online, chatting with whoever turns up. It’s a 40-minute set.

Some of the songs are — that is, they became — old favorites. Others have never been released as a studio recording. This live version is their best documentation.

So join me Tuesday, or just watch it on YouTube later, at your leisure. Something to do that’s a little different, if you’re tired of Netflix videos under quarantine.

— Alan

P.S. I also wrote a new column about how to conduct better online meetings and trainings — also prompted by the Corona crisis. That’s here, on GreenBiz.com