New Album. With a Twist.

I am releasing a new album today called “The Last Dice”. Spread the word. And the music.

Album cover - "The Last Dice"

New album. Previously released songs. New order. New package. New experience.

You can stream it on all major services, or download it free, here.

The twist: these are the same songs as on my previous album, American Troubadour. But they are in reverse order. New album title. New package.


Because few people have ever heard this music.

Even if you have heard this album, it feels like a completely new experience when you listen to it in reverse. Starts very calm, reflective. Then it builds. It’s a journey from an intensely personal, inward focus towards global concern and inspiration.

This is the album as I originally envisioned it. And the cover I originally designed.

Frankly, I have never liked the cover on American Troubadour. It’s always bothered me. To be honest, the whole process of releasing that album went sideways. The studio production went beautifully. We were all very hopeful. Then things went wrong with the cover, the marketing plan, the release party, everything. The process kind of fell apart. It’s a long story.

But I believe in these songs. I believe they deserve a fresh start, a better chance to find listeners.

So I’m making this album available for free, digitally. You can download the whole album here. Of course you can also stream the album on platforms like Spotify, Apple or YouTube as usual (and please do that, it helps when those streaming numbers go up). And you can buy the album from the usual distributors, if you prefer.

But especially if you have never listened to these songs, please listen now. I believe you will find at least one song that will touch you.

Give you solace. Give you hope.

And then, if you feel like it — please spread the word. And the music.

— Alan