Crowdfunding 1-week challenge: help sponsor this exhibition!

Dear friends:

We need your help. I’ve never tried crowdfunding before, or asking for donations for a project. But now I am.

exhibition1v3I and my friends in Stockholm are mounting a major and powerful exhibition here, on the problem of plastic garbage in our seas. But we need your help, otherwise it just won’t happen.

As I wrote earlier on FB, we tried hard to find corporate sponsors in Sweden. Shockingly, not a single one said yes. (Yet.) Our friends in government, NGOs, and small sustainability firms are now scraping their budgets, but money is tight. That’s why we are also coming to you.

We need to raise SEK 300 000, which is about $33,000, in a week. Otherwise, the exhibition is off.

Are you willing to help? So that we can give this monumental problem the attention it deserves? Any amount welcome, we are seeking contributors & sponsors from all over the world (including Sweden of course!).

Three ways to do it:

For Global Sponsors, you can make your sponsorship contribution via PayPal, here:

If you are in Sweden, you can SWISH a donation:
123 024 63 06
Please put “OUT TO SEA” in the message line.
Hemsida på svenska:

If you can and want to make a larger contribution, contact me. There are nice benefits for large sponsors. (Corporate sponsors are still welcome, even those who said no before.)

Everyone who contributes will be warmly invited to the opening! And publicly thanked as well (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

Note: If you pay by PayPal, you will be purchasing a “Sponsor packet”. In Sweden, if you want to purchase a sponsorship (instead of just making a contribution) let me know, we can invoice you.

We’re not a charity, so it’s not a tax-deductible donation we are asking for. It’s an investment … in a remarkable public event.

Here’s the link again for info and to make a contribution.

English >>

Svenska >>

And … thank you. If you’ve read this far, at least I know you care! Likes and shares will also help.

In hope, and with gratitude in advance,
Alan AtKisson
For the exhibition team

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