Coming Soon: An SDG Song

Preview-of-Video copy

What are they so happy about, I wonder?

If you have visited this blog recently, you may have noticed a password-protected page marked with a “Preview” sign, and titled with the phrase “We Love the SDGs”.

That’s the title of my new single. Yes, a song about the SDGs. And to make it even more interesting: it is highly dance-able.

When will this song be launched, you may wonder? As soon as we finish the video. Yes, the video, which has been shot, and is now being edited.

All of this activity is connected to the project I’ve been working on, with friends, on the side of my other professional consulting work (which is, currently, for the UN and several other clients).

That project is 17Goals, of course. Our new multi-stakeholder partnership and social media campaign to promote engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Previously I wrote about why I am so enthusiastic about this project. And in fact, now that we are up and running, I am actually even more enthusiastic.

Initial response has been wonderful. Prominent organizations, and even government officials, have told me that they are using our 17Goals Intro Slides and other materials when they give presentations on the SDGs. That’s exactly what we wanted to happen.

And we continue to fill out our “curated” (that means highly selective) collection of tools and resources. My colleagues Lisa Baumgartel and Michael Blume deserve lots of credit for making the site look good (and function well), and Lisa is also helping a lot on the content side.

When the video is done … well, then things get really interesting. Bente Milton of Transition World in Denmark is working on that now, and I love the high-energy, big-joy concept she proposed. When we launch, we are going to launch big … and that means we will ask everyone we know to help spread this thing. We are doing to work really hard to make it go viral.

Because if we are successful, that will, in turn, draw people to the 17Goals site … and onward to the UN’s SDGs. Which, as you know, I believe to be one of the most important developments in contemporary global history.

So, apologies for not sharing the song with everyone, everywhere, already … but we want to get everything ready. And then …

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