Compass Education takes flight – Please donate!

CompassEducation_Logo_3For years, my friends in SE Asia have been patiently building a Wonderful New Thing. It’s called “Compass Education,” and it’s a program that is changing schools all around the region … and helping them become models for sustainability. We’re talking solar panels on roofs, kids learning systems thinking in the classroom, community action programs, teachers and administrators empowered to be change agents, and a lot more.

So now, they are setting up their own NGO, and taking flight. And to do that, they need financial capital. Enter “Indiegogo”, one of those easy-as-pie crowdfunding sites. Go, read, click, donate.

Why? Because kids and schools are the actual and real future. And they are especially the future of sustainability. And this is especially needed in East Asia, where about a third of humanity is concentrated.

They’re looking for 25,000 dollars to boost them up to their next level, and they are, well, 1.5% of the way there now. Any amount helps. And yes, I donated!

Hint: If you are very generous, you get lots of personal attention, and a few goodies! Here’s the link again:

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