Music & Gratitude


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Here you go, world.

With the recent public announcement about Ancient History, and the release of American Troubadour, all my songs (or most of them anyway) are finally “out there,” available, part of the digital universe. Six albums, sixty-five tracks.

I’ve been making music and writing songs professionally for a long time, over 35 years. Songwriting has never been my main source of income. But it has always been a major source of satisfaction.

And I’m at one of those moments in life where I am feeling enormously grateful, for many things, including the chance to make music and share it with friends, family … and the world.

I’ve been writing letters to friends and contacts who helped me along at various times, some from 30 years ago … sending out CDs and digital download links … and receiving wonderful letters in return, too.

So much gratitude.

There is no way I can write to everybody. So please consider this a letter to you, personally: thanks for reading this. For being interested. For giving my music a chance to send you somewhere, help you feel something, visit some new mental landscape.

Thanks for listening.


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