About “Sustainability is for Everyone” (new book)

S4E_BlogPicOne evening last May, lying in bed, I was wondering what to say at the induction ceremony for the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame. Suddenly I took up my laptop and started tapping on the keyboard.

The result was a little text called Sustainability is for Everyone.

I feel pretty about about this little book. Partly because it’s little — just 49 pages. The first draft was even shorter before, but after giving it to the attendees at the ISSP event, and circulating it to friends and colleagues for feedback, I added two chapters and a preface. Then I decided to publish it, and promote it out to the world … because the response to the draft was so positive.

Maybe I hit a nerve.

The book is for sale now, as of two days ago. As I write this, I can see that it’s climbed to #13 on Amazon.com’s list of “Green Business” books. I’m already getting notices of people buying it in bulk to send to the family, friends, work teams, or clients. Translations are in the works. It’s all great fun …

But the main thing is: the message seems to have hit home. Sustainability is for everyone. It’s not “rocket science.” It’s not about “saving the world.” It’s just about taking care of ourselves, our families, our communities, our businesses, and of course, the little planet we live on, which we tend to call “nature.” And helping other people, all around the world, rich or poor (especially poor), do the same.

So I’d be grateful if you help spread the word … Sustainability is for Everyone.

URL: http://AtKisson.com/S4E

Hashtag:  #sforeveryone

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