Closing Reflections on the Conference on Future Lifestyles …

This photo is from the closing session of the UNEP-Wuppertal “un-conference” on the the future of sustainable lifestyles and entrpreneurship (which I keynoted yesterday). What did I do here?

First, I sang. That’s not surprising to anyone reading this blog. But it was sort of surprising to this audience … and I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people come up to me and say something about just that aspect of a “talk”.

Second, Axel Klimek (CEO of ISIS Academy) and had far more serious business conversations with people than we expected. Conferences are usually about networking and seeking new partnerships or clients or friends … but this one was more effective in this regard that most. We’re going home with a number of very interesting opportunities to pursue.

Third, I got inspired by the way messages converged. Happiness and well-being really are emerging as centrally important. I didn’t plan that my keynote would echo the closing keynotes — to be honest, I didn’t even notice who was speaking until looking at the program today — but the fact that these themes emerged again and again tell me something (and I hope they tell you something).

Fourth, I reconnected with old friends, some of whom I had not seen in over a decade. That was an unexpected pleasure. And some of those conversations *also* may lead to new entrepreneurial possibilities.

And of course, I had a number of very lovely conversations … business talks with Axel and also Piotr Magnuszewski, also a member of AtKisson Group, about upcoming client projects … and the pleasure of new ideas and energy, especially listening to the youth just now.

Did we effectively advance the vision of sustainable production and consumption here?? Only time will tell … something definitely happened here. This was a conference that was very worthwhile …

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