Recent Work

While most visible as a speaker and author, Alan AtKisson works principally as a strategic advisor to sustainability leaders in business, government, and NGOs. For confidentiality reasons, not all of his assignments can be listed publicly, but the following will give you a sense of what he does, as well as a listing of public events such as keynote speeches and conference moderation.

Sample consulting assignments

• Independent strategic advisor to UNDESA (United Nations Secretariat, New York), long-term, multiple roles and assignments, including representing UNDESA to country governments in the piloting of new initiatives, developing internal strategic plans for UNDESA, moderating international and internal events, and other assignments, 2009 to present

• Support to several global corporations on their sustainability strategy (up to 10 years of continuous engagement), including integration of the SDGs into business sustainability planning

• Strategy, analysis, and policy development support to “Baltic 2030”, a regional initiative of governments in northern Europe (including western Russia) for collaboration on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

• Strategic analysis, advice, and report development on the Blue Economy (oceans and seas), as well as the global financial system, for WWF — ongoing since 2014 (includes global, Baltic, and Arctic regional issues)

• Conceived and worked with Norwegian colleagues at the Center for Design and Architecture to launch the global Oslo Manifesto initiative, translating the SDGs to the world of design and architecture (volunteer initiative)

• Strategic support to the German Council on Sustainable Development on integration of the SDGs into national policy, and on the formation of an international networking program with other national initiatives (the OpenSDGClub of Berlin), 2015-2016

Keynotes, training, and conference moderation (in English or Swedish)

• Keynote addresses, “Forward Thinking” (Framtanker) conference, as well as “Transform” conference and other events, Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, 2015-2017 (See related blog post)

• Keynote address, “European Maritime Day”, Poole, UK, 2017 (and several other Blue Economy events 2016-2017)

• Conference moderator, Union of the Baltic Cities annual general meeting, 2017

• Keynote on Regional Economic Strategy for Sustainable Development, EUSBSR Strategy Forum 2016

• Keynote on Business and Sustainable Development, Lithuanian National Conference on CSR, Presidential Palace, Vilnius, Nov 2016 (in the presence of the President)

• Keynote address, “European Sustainable Development Week,” May 2016 (followed at the end of the day with a closing performance of the song “We Love the SDGs”) (Documented on video – speech starts at 0:30, song begins roughly at 3:00)

• Lecturer/workshop leader, International Training Programs in Strategic Environmental Assessment, Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development and other topics, with Niras AB (sponsored by Swedish SIDA) dating back to 2008

• Keynote address, “Transform” conference, Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, April 2016

• Moderator, The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development, Nov 2015 and Nov 2014

• Opening Keynote, CSR Forum, Western Sweden, Nov 2015 (in Swedish)

• Opening Keynote, Accelerating Change Conference, Gribskov, Denmark, Oct 2015

• Opening Presentation, International Workshop on Integrated Tools for Sustainable Development, United Nations, Geneva, Oct 2015

• Guest Lecturer, Uppsala University, Center for Sustainable Development, Sweden (many lectures, over more than 10 years)

• Guest Lecturer, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

• Strategic Planning Workshop (using the VISIS/Pyramid model), Stockholm International Water Institute – SIWI, Oct 2015

• Opening Keynote, European Outdoor Group (CEO-level conference for outdoor industry), July 2015

• Instructor (with Axel Klimek), Master Class in Change for Sustainability, Stockholm, May 2015 (sponsored by Center for Sustainability Transformation)

• Keynote, Conference on Culture and Sustainability, Governments of Denmark and Latvia, Riga, March 2015

• Presentation to Global Systems Science conference, Brussels, Oct 2014

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