Alan AtKisson is a senior advisor on sustainability, sustainable development, and related issues. He also has extensive experience in organizational consulting, strategy, and professional development. As president and CEO of The AtKisson Group, a global consultancy he founded in 1992, Alan advises corporations, governments, and international agencies around the world. The AtKisson Group has Affiliates, Partners, and Associates in 16 countries.

Alan has worked with hundred of clients on sustainability strategy, assessment, training, and reporting, including Nike, Levi Strauss, Ernst & Young, the United Nations, international development programs such as the Nile Basin Initiative, GIZ and SIDA, and NGOs such as WWF.

AtKisson_logo_with_taglineHe previously served on the President’s Science and Technology Advisory Council of the European Commission (advising José Manuel Barroso).

For a listing of Alan’s most recent clients and assignments, please visit Recent this website.

To find out more about the AtKisson Group and its sustainability tools and services, please visit

To explore professional development training and coaching opportunities, please visit the Center for Sustainability Transformation, which Alan co-founded together with Axel Klimek.

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