American Troubadour on iTunes

AmericanTroubadourAlan’s new album American Troubadour will soon be available on iTunes. When the album goes live, you can link to it from this page, or just search for “American Troubadour AtKisson”. American Troubadour will also be available on Amazon after May 15, 2014. And you will also be able to listen to it on Spotify and other digital streaming services.

Meanwhile, consider buying the high-quality .mp3 version directly from Rain City Records. The link below will take you directly to the payment page, and then you can immediately download the whole album. (And then you can import it into iTunes … but the difference is, you can also copy it anywhere else you want to listen to it.)

Buy the high-quality .mp3 version direct from Rain City Records > >

If you would like to order a personalized, signed, physical CD, please send a note to, and we will get back to you with ordering instructions.

Enjoy American Troubadour


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