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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Nature-lovers (which should include all of us on planet Earth, but strangely does not) breathed a sigh of relief today as we read the news from Nagoya, Japan.  After two weeks of negotiations, the nearly 200 nations assembled in Nagoya, Japan, decided set aside more of the Earth’s surface as natural preserve. The decision hardly guarantees safe passage for the world’s threatened species through the perilous 21st century; their safe-zones have been… Read More

If you were a novelist committed to writing great novels, in the literary sense, and you won the Nobel Prize, what would do? Coetzee, who won the prize in 2003, keeps writing great novels. I picked up his most recent, Summertime (2009), in an airport bookstore, and started reading it while waiting in line to board my flight from Stockholm to Riga. I finished it the next evening. I did not read… Read More